Agriculture Business Management details

-About Agribusiness Management

Agribusiness management course is emerging together of the favored career choices among students lately. The aim of the agribusiness management course is to supply students with knowledge about the concepts of crop cultivation, food production, agrichemicals, farm machinery, processing, seed supply, farm machinery, and other concepts about agriculture business.

The duration of agriculture courses distance learning is of two years and therefore the curriculum of the program is meant to introduce students to the entire range of agronomic products and goods grown across the country and the recent developments made within the field of agriculture.

PGDM agribusiness management also emphasizes on the necessity to guard and preserve agronomic goods grown within the country by trying new techniques and innovative methods.PGDM agribusiness management offers a good sort of knowledge during a different sector of management like finance, supply chain management, taxation, microfinance, and mainly rural marketing

-Eligibility Criteria

For PGDM in agribusiness management The candidate should be a graduate in any discipline with minimum qualifying marks in aggregate of the topics studied at the Bachelor degree program

-Career Scope and importance of agribusiness management

Agribusiness is a section of commerce that involves the processing, warehousing, distribution, marketing, and retailing of the products utilized in agriculture. PGDM in agribusiness management aims at streamlining farming operations in order that the costs remain at equilibrium. Agri business management syllabus encompasses farm planning, meteorology, research, soil management, seed production, machinery, plant protection, crop nutrient management, harvesting, marketing of produce, storage, supply chain operations, financing, food processing, retailing, and far more. All the activities starting from farm aims in getting the food to the table is an aim of PGDM in agribusiness.

India’s agriculture industry makes up about 17.5 percent of the country’s GDP. it’s considered the backbone of the Indian economy. one among the most important employers, agriculture satiates the food and nutritional necessities of the state and produces important raw materials for several key industries. However, the world also faces several challenges due to the subsequent reasons:

The swiftly changing and expanding business environment

The fast-changing pace of technology

The side effects of globalization

A competitively charged environment

The ever-changing government and its roles

Currently, the agricultural sector is of high commercial importance and has evolved from low-level farming to commercial farming.

In India, out of the entire food products, only 14 percent is processed and about 35 percent of the food is expended during packaging and transportation.

This led to the expansion of a replacement sector called Agribusiness which has generated the necessity for skilled agribusiness professionals. it’s made PGDM in agribusiness a hot career option for the youth.

I like to Write, Eat, Sing and travel. Here I am to share educational information related to post-graduation courses and their scope in India.

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Ajinkya Kumar

I like to Write, Eat, Sing and travel. Here I am to share educational information related to post-graduation courses and their scope in India.